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William Jones

My wife and I recently purchased LTC insurance through Gary, and we were very pleased with his service. He educated us on the many variables involved with the insurance and then helped locate a company and policies which fit our needs. He was patient and thorough in leading us through the process. We highly recommend him. William Jones Baltimore, MD

Jan S.P.

I was Given Gary's name by friends who,d worked with him and pleased with the results.  I was also very satisfied with him and pleased with the results.  He was professional, competent, and easy to work with. He was very patient and responsive to my needs.  I would not hesitate to recommend his services to others looking to purchase long term care insurance.

B. Gerson

My husband and I -- individually and as a couple -- have worked with Gary for nearly 20 years. He has consistently taken the time to answer questions carefully, always making sure that we understand the information at hand. A recent letter from our insurer left us with many new questions.  My husband suggested that we call Gary. Although considerable time had passed since our last conversation and we have actually moved to another state in the meantime, Gary was wonderful. He took the time needed to explain the changes in the industry and fully detail our options, leaving us ready to address the issue knowledgeably. Commitment to the welfare and comfort of his clients (old and new) is what sets Gary apart in an ever-changing industry.

Kathleen Cammarata

This is the first testimonial/review that I have ever written.

Twelve years ago, Gary assisted me in selecting a very comprehensive Long Term Care Policy. I remain happy with my policy choice and credit that to Gary's extensive knowledge on the subject and his ability to clearly explain details. Recently, I had an LTC question and didn't know who to ask for advice. I no longer live in NJ where I purchased the policy so given the time and distance, Gary didn't immediately come to mind. I am so happy that I thought to give him a call. Less 3 hours after I left Gary a message and 12 years since the last time we spoke, he returned my call and had my policy in front of him. Gary spent a great deal of time on the phone answering my questions and giving me his expert opinion.

Need I say more----it is not often that any of us receive this level of service. I couldn't recommend Gary more!

Gail Schenker

I took out a long term care insurance policy with Gary many years. He was very patient with my many questions and answered them all. From time to time I have called Gary and he has always been helpful, knowledgeable and took all the time I needed to make sure I was happy and understood all the questions I asked. It is great knowing that Gary is around for any time I may need him.

George Karkanias

Gary came highly recommended to me as a leading industry expert with many years of experience in this area. Gary has very much exceeded all of my expectations. Gary has a particular gift for explaining things in a very clear manner which was very helpful. He is also very patient and welcomed discussing all the nuances of the various LTC plans and providers without creating any pressure. I did a lot of my own research on LTC insurance before contacting Gary (on the internet and in books) but I had a lot of outstanding questions; Gary answered all of them and even raised issues I hadn’t thought of or seen raised elsewhere – in retrospect, I should have started my research with Gary. It was wonderful to have an expert resource like Gary willing to share his many years of experience and clarify things for me in such a pleasant, friendly and professional manner. I called him many times with questions and each time he was just as pleasant, articulate, patient and able to provide answe

Linda Horovitz

I had been thinking of getting a long term care policy for some time. A friend referred me to Gary. My experience with him was excellent. He very carefully explained my options and suggested the option he thought was best for me. He kept in constant contact with me throughout the process, and still contacts me as needed. I feel comfortable calling him and asking him questions whenever I need too. He is very knowledgeable in his field.

Peter Bernich

Our experience working with Gary in connection with purchasing our LTC went very smoothly, in a professoinal manner. Gary knew that we were comparison shopping and he handled the process well, even when we adjusted our requested coverage. He understood our position and proceeded to find the best fit for us. Thanks Gary and the best to you.

Margaret Payne

Gary was extremely easy to work with. He was patient, knowledgeable, and gave me expert advice on purchasing long term care insurance. I highly recommend him to anyone who is exploring insurance options.

Paul Hurrell

I am happy to take the time to recommend Gary. He made it a pleasure and such a breath of fresh air in today's world. Gary is VERY knowlegable about this insurance and never, for a moment, felt a touch of pressure. In fact, he went out of his way to give me some valuable information about something so important in my life now. A HUGE THANK YOU to you Gary!! I am most comfortable to come to you for advice and your input. You were a pleasure, really, to speak with. Many thanks Gary. Paul

Jean Blackburn

My experience with Gary was nothing but a pleasure. He was patient, kind, and the essence of professional in all my dealings with him. I would recommend him highly.

Richard Horowitz

I have known Gary for about 6 years. His compassion and good will shines through clearly when you speak to him. He is always looking to the best for his clients.

Don & Pauline Masciandaro

Mr. Melnikoff was very professional, explained everything re. long-term care very thoroughly. He made us feel very comfortable and covered all our options. At know time did we feel pressured. We would certainly highly recommend his services to anyone interested in this type of coverage.

Jacob Paserman

I thought Gary was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. He laid out all my options and made my decision easy. He laid out all my options and made my decision easy.

Betty Bytheway

It was great working with Gary. He was very knowledgeable and explained the policy in a way that was easy to understand. He also was very patient with me when there were some things that I didn't understand. I have recommended some of my friends to Gary and they have had a similar experience. Because I live alone having LTC insurance was very important to me. I now have peace of mind and Gary made that happen.

Bonnie and Mark Glick

Dear Gary, YOU are an asset to the Long Term Care Insurance industry. You were honest, thorough, extremely knowledgable and a pleasure to deal with! It was so easy to follow and understand your computer presentation. No nonsense...you asked what our needs were and developed a plan that was specific to us and affordable. At no time did we feel pressured. Your patience when it came to answering our questions and explaining all the terminology and options was greatly appreciated! We were impressed with your expertise throughout the whole process of obtaining LTC insurance! We will certainly be happy to refer friends to you! Thank you. Bonnie and Mark Glick

Butler and Maria Smythe

We have our Long Term Care set up and one less thing to worry about later on. Was an easy process with Gary helping support our getting the insurance and I hope we never have to use it... :).

Ernest Lovett

I would like to express my thanks to Gary for his help and guidance to me and my wife. We were looking for long-term care insurance and found that no one we talked to would explain the process in an honest and frank way. Gary's approach with us was as a teacher. We not only have a good product, but we also feel that we can contact Gary any time we have questions.

N. George Tucker

Dear Gary: This letter is long past due. I've wanted several times to write to you by have always been busy taking care of Gert. I wanted to thank you (and GE Capital Assurance) for all the help and advice you gave us. You have proven to be a good friend and we are grateful to have found you. We've finally finished with direct therapy at the end of May and I just received the final check from the company. Believe me, it was a Godsend not to have to worry about paying for help. Everyone we contacted was solicitous and helpful and there were no problems. We just returned from Seattle where we visited our son and his wife who moved there in mid-February, to become the General Manager of the Seattle Symphony in their new hall. While there we took a 7 day Alaska Cruise and Gert managed quite well. We were gone for 17 days and we needed the respite from cooking, cleaning, shopping, making beds, etc. (Based on our recommendation, our niece and husband also subscribed to

Dave and Michelle Beadle

July 7, 2011 Dear Gary, I wanted to thank you for all your help and advice you gave to Michelle and I during the process of applying for long term care insurance. Your knowledge and wisdom about this process was very helpful to us in getting this insurance for our future needs. I would recommend that if anyone is considering this insurance that you would be a great resource for them. Thanks again, Dave and Michelle Beadle

John Risickella

April 2011 Hi Gary, I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance in helping me obtain the long term care health insurance that I have wanted for quite some time. As I explained to you, I had made a number of inquiries over the past 18 months or so, with no real success. By contacting you via your website, however, I was extremely pleased with your timely, and comprehensive approach. The information you provided on long term care insurance in general, and the specific providers and plans available, in particular, was wonderfully thorough. You provided me with all the information I needed to make the right choice for my specific situation, and for this very important quality of life decision. I can't thank you enough for your pleasant, supportive, and professional efforts in this matter. Thanks again & all the best, John Risickella

Steven & Cheryl Schwartz

3/26/2011 Both my wife and I were very pleased with the hand holding through the entire process. Gary provided much insight as we were neophytes in the long term care process. We were particularly impressed with the time spent, the computer presentation, the follow-up, and the lack of pressure that many salespeople exert. I, being in outside sales for over 25 years appreciate this. We were very pleased with the comparisons of policies, the information to read in advance of the initial phone meeting made the process so much easier to understand. I would recommend Gary Melnikoff to anyone looking into obtaining a long term care policy. Steven & Cheryl Schwartz
My wife and I recently purchased LTC insurance through Gary, and we were very pleased with his service. He educated us on the many variables involved with the insurance and then helped locate a… Read More

William Jones

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